Tlog-Creator Service

Service for mapping financial transactions to and specific data model defined by the customer.

This app currently provides the following services:

  1. Receives messages from se-posmanager and se-cashbook services.
  2. Maps the received messages of receipts, cashbook entries and settlements to POSTR_CREATE_BAPI objects which is needed to be processed by SAP systems.
  3. Forward the resulting data to another queue which are consumed by the customer's internal systems.

BAPI Interface

This app listens for incoming tlog objects to be transferred into SAP POS DM via BAPI.

About this application

Bapi-Interface uses a couple of libraries and frameworks to interface messages arriving via Message Queue into SAP POS DM:

  1. Hibersap: Allows to map Java types to SAP function modules with annotations.
  2. Camel: A routing and mapping framework useful for all kinds of integration tasks.