Cart is the main entity for tracking transactions with the customers. Carts will turn to receipts when a sale or refund is completed.


This app currently provides the following services:

  • Create an empty cart and Add item later.
  • Create a cart with a single or multiple items.
  • Provides an API to modify the quantity of an Item.
  • Provides an API to add pseudo articles to handle cases when the articles are not found in the inventory.
  • Fetch a Cart for given cart id.
  • Fetch history of the for a given cart.
  • Discard an item from the cart.
  • Discard a cart completely.
  • Calculates and applies VAT intrinsically based on the VAT type. Any modification in the state of the cart modifies the VAT dynamically.
  • API to apply discount per position or on the whole cart. The post discount price is calculated for both item and cart.
  • Validates if the discounts and coupons are valid for a given store, duration
  • Validates if the discounts and coupons are can be combined with previously applied discounts.
  • API to Remove discounts.
  • API to apply coupons on the whole cart.
  • API to remove coupons.
  • API for processing returns with reference to previously sold cart.
  • API for processing returns manually without any reference to sold carts.
  • API for fetching the total cart price for a given cart.