Notification API


The Notification API provides endpoints to notification send via Email.

For more details about this API usage check our API documentation


  • Have an authenticated token from the authentication service, this token should be used as an authorization bearer token header for every request done in this API (more information about the authorization service here).

Send Silent Alarm

To send a silent alarm, do a POST request to /notifications/email/silentalarm.

Example request:

"address": {
"city": "string",
"country": "string",
"houseNum": "string",
"houseNumber": "string",
"postalcode": "string",
"street": "string"
"branchName": "string",
"phone": "string",
"storeId": "string",
"textOne": "string",
"textTwo": "string"

These are some important attributes to keep in mind when making the request:

  • The storeId is the id of the store where the alarm was send from.
  • The address object, is holding the store address information from the store, were the silent alarm was send from.
  • The textOne and textTwo are the attributes, that set the content of the email.