Price Lookup API


The price lookup API main functionality to provide users the possibility to query products.

For more details about this API usage check our API documentation


  • Have an authenticated token from the authentication service, this token should be used as an authorization bearer token header for every request done in this API (more information about the authorization service here).

Query a product by SKU or EAN values

Individual products can be queried by providing either the SKU or EAN values as request parameters. To do so,a GET request should be done using a URL path like this /plu?searchkey=10005 to search for a product with EAN or SKU value provided, no request body is required.

Example response:

"sku": "10005",
"ean": "4051622377427",
"article": "10005",
"description": "ACC Nahrungsmittel Liquid Gel",
"price": 199,
"vat": 7,
"vatId": "B5",
"currency": "EUR"

Here are some important observations in the response:

  • In this example, the API found a product matching the sku value provided in the request.
  • The product data includes basic information as price, description and data related to taxes, but it also can be tailored to the business needs.