Store Management

The Store management tab has the features:

  • display all the stores in a paginated table with customizable fields
  • search function for the stores table
  • a refresh button for both the stores table
  • an Export feature
  • a Receipt Preview feature
  • create a new store
  • and edit all stores by distribution chain
Stores tablestores-table

Create Store

Creating a store has a pretty big form for a lot of information, the form has the following fields:

  • Store name
  • Store ID
  • Status (active/inactive)
  • Price correction
  • Tax ID/number
  • Store payment methods
  • Distribution chain the store belongs to
  • Address
    • Street
    • House number
    • ZIP code
    • City
    • Country
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Website/Homepage
  • ...
Create store form (screenshot 1)create-store-1
Create store form (screenshot 2)create-store-2

Store Details

Store details pagestore-details

Edit Store

Store details page in edit mode (screenshot 1)store-details_edit-mode-1
Store details page in edit mode (screenshot 2)store-details_edit-mode-2

Edit Stores by Distribution Chain

Edit Stores by Distribution Chain formstore-details_edit-mode-2