Some terms you have to know before reading this documentation.


A cashier is the user of the cashregister application and is the person who works in a retail store. This documentation is based on the view of a cashier and will be mainly addressed as "cashier" or "user"


Cashregister is the application, running on tablets as a PWA. It is only the website/software which is called as "cashregister". Possible hardware cash registers are named as "devicehub".


Devicehub is an application running on a computer (also called station) to control different kind of peripherials. The cashregister application is communicating bidirectionally to the devicehub via WebSocket. Peripherals are:

  • Hand scanner, scanning barcodes from products, gift cards or receipts.
  • Printer, printing receipts for the customer and notes for the cashier.
  • Customerdisplay, current sum of the cart and what the customer has to pay will be displayed.
  • Pinpad, card terminal which handles different kind of card payments (Mastercard, visa, giro, etc.)
  • Cash drawer, contains the cash money.


The cashregister is used in retail stores. Each store has an unique storeId, with which the store can be identified.


Each store contains at least one station, which runs with the devicehub application. The stations are identified with the stationId, which is unique per store.


In each store there is a vault, to keep the cash money safe. Money can be moved from and into the vault.


Before starting a working day, cashiers have to open a settlement, where every cash money movement will be protocolled. Settlements are necessary for each station, because the money is counted per cash drawer. At the end of the day, the money in the drawer has to be counted and entered in the settlement closing process. Settlements have three different states:

  • OPEN - Settlement which can be used for transactions.
  • COUNTING - Initialized for counting, cashier can provide the amount of the drawer. New transactions are not possible any more.
  • CLOSED - Finished settlement. Transactions and money entry not possible.


Stock Keeping Unit, it is used to identify products.

Legacy receipt

Receipts which where used before the introduction of One Experience.